New Logic Puzzles for Middle School Students

We’ve been working on our very first logic puzzles for middle school students all summer long and have started to release them — slowly! 🙂 We are so honored that teachers all over the country have downloaded our creations and are using them in their classrooms. There is no greater joy for us and I wanted to just send a quick note to you to say thank you and let you know what’s coming up! Thank you! 🙂

New Logic Puzzles for Middle Schoolers Coming Up Next

We’re working on new puzzle collections every week — this week, we will release a new version of our popular Defeat the Dragon logic puzzles. We’ve spent a lot of time in classrooms recently, and thought of some improvements – such as combining both a worksheet version in black and white, as well as a color version in landscape so it projects well. We also are adding an activity to Defeat the Dragon and some of our other puzzles as well. Your thoughts on this would help a lot! What do you find to be the most useful in your classroom?


And of Course, Halloween Logic Puzzles for Middle School Kids!

We know that you are probably inundated with Halloween right now. So I’ll just say that our collection of Halloween goodies is fun and brainy all at the same time — and nothing your middle school students have ever seen before (like Zombies at a rock concert). 🙂

What Have Teachers Downloaded Most from PuzzleMonster?

Our Quotation Detective puzzles for middle school have been really fun to create and are also one of our most-often downloaded resources. Right now, we have one awesome set released — the Enlightenment Philosophers. It works really well as an activity and makes you think at the same time. We’ll be offering a new version in the upcoming weeks that covers the Industrial Revolution. Would you like us to cover some other topics? Just let us know!
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