Christmas Activities for Middle School Kids

Hello and Happy Holiday Season! So we’ve been busy crafting our handmade Christmas activities for middle school and wanted to let you know about the cool ideas we’ve come up with over here at Puzzlemonster studios since we last wrote and to express our gratitude for you and this wonderful community.

First up, we have some AWESOME Christmas activities for middle school kids. One is a freebie, and the other is a breakout box with a lovely, lovely prize. And we have two new Christmas math activities for middle school kids too. We’re pretty excited to share these with you!

ELA – Christmas Word Scramble Freebie

First up, we have a new fun, free Christmas activity. It’s a word scramble that’s similar to our popular Quotation Detective puzzles, so it’s great for ELA.

christmas activities for middle schoolThis puzzle is based on a quote from humanitarian and beloved American entertainer, Bob Hope.  It is all about love for others all year round. Plus, it’s something that can be taught year round, because the worksheets themselves are easily edited.

Download this FREE Christmas freebie today!

ELA – Christmas Activities for Middle School – Make Your Own Origami Green Elf

Next, we know you are going to love this new Christmas activity for middle school kids — it’s like our wildly popular Thanksgiving turkey, but new puzzles and an awesome green elf prize – this activity will make your week

christmas activities for middle schoolIt’s more than just a Christmas escape room, a breakout, a color by number activity, a cootie-catcher — it’s a team-building journey for your students that requires almost no prep from you.

Plus, there’s a lovely, lovely prize that kids can take home with them.

Oh and did we mention, it’s self-grading, too? Check it out now to see how unusual this breakout is – we think you’ll love it!

5th Grade Math Review – with a Prize!

5th grade christmas mathOK so yes, you do spot a theme here. 🙂 We loved this little green elf so much that Eric designed a 5th-grade math resource around it.

It’s more than just a color by number activity or a collection of math worksheets. It’s more than just a Christmas art project or an escape room. It’s an exciting rare combination – a unique, gracefully differentiated, 5th grade Christmas math resource, unlike anything your students have seen before!

Plus, it is almost no prep from you, is differentiated for a diverse learning group, and is genuinely fun and creative at the same time. And it grades itself.

Nice, right? 🙂

And there’s a prize at the end of the activity! Plus there’s also a bonus PEMDAS poster and cards.

Find out how this activity works.

Most of all, we feel so blessed to be creating for teachers at TpT. Thank you for welcoming us and sharing our puzzles with your kids! Every time you download one of our puzzle collections we are filled with joy and gratitude! I know I keep saying this, but it’s true. We are lucky to know that kids all over are enjoying our creations!

Thank you!!!!!

—Eric and Friday from Puzzlemonster

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