Printable Halloween Activities

Printable Halloween Activities
Printable Halloween Activities

Our latest printable puzzles-with-a-prize activity is a fun Halloween-themed escape box. And these printable Halloween activities come with a prize! The prize is just the frosting on the cookie though — the entire packet is a creative combination of ELA and logic puzzles. And because it’s all easy to prep for, you can have your kids working and having fun in a snap!

It’s a team-building journey for your students that requires almost no prep from you! It’s a brand new addition to our Halloween puzzles for kids.

How these Printable Halloween Activities Work

Here’s how these printable Halloween activities work:

It all starts with reconstructing a literary quote from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven: “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before”.

The journey continues on to a fun crossword search puzzle — students solve crossword-style clues to find the answers in a word search grid. There’s a funny Halloween riddle to solve that will make even the most jaded older kids giggle.

Next, an unusual logic puzzle is presented — your kids will be challenged to read carefully to figure out who stayed the night in a haunted house.

And now, the Halloween Prize!

And finally, there’s the prize — the lovely, lovely prize. Based on their answers to the other puzzles, students use the key provided to color in the silly, spooky Halloween house. Cut it out, fold it up (instructions provided), and there’s a cool silly house as a prize.

It’s self-grading! If the students did not solve the other puzzles correctly, the coloring of the house will be incorrect. And it’s not obvious beforehand how to color the house – it may LOOK obvious, but it is not!

All of the answers are included, even a properly colored-in house. All you have to provide is markers or colored pencils and scissors, and some glue or tape. No physical locks or Google forms required!

If you have access to flameless LED tea lights, you can light the house up from the inside for a totally cute classroom decoration:

Halloween night light
The silly spooky Halloween house lit up with a flameless tea light. A fun night light too!

More about this Printable

There’s a bonus writing activity that supports the standards listed. It’s optional.

Use in small groups for team-building.

Kids can even do the puzzles independently.

Every worksheet page can be printed in black and white so it’s easy on your printer.

Your students will get a prize.

Teaches logic, vocabulary, ELA, social studies, and following directions.

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