A Great Brain – How Smart Are You? An IQ Test Review

A Great Brain is Hard to Define

Do you have a great brain? Want to know how smart you are compared to other people, but in too much of a hurry to take a long, drawn-out test?

Then try AllIQTests.com, a puzzle site by Bill Bultas, where you can prove your intelligence in as little as five minutes. No claims are made as to the scientific validity of the assessments, and the tests are presented “for entertainment purposes only;” that being said, there is a cornucopia of tests created by such puzzle experts such as Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin, inventor of the famous Mega Test, and they will definitely test your cerebral abilities. Perhaps you have a great brain and didn’t even know it.

Types of Brain Tests Offered

The site offers both timed and untimed tests – the untimed tests were my favorite. A number of the tests are “culture fair,” meaning that little or no knowledge of English is required. I really liked this because people from all around the world want to test their IQs. If you live in the Philippines, for example, you could get a brain score even though you speak Tagalog. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who is still upset that they dropped analogies from the SAT, the verbal challenges here will be right up your alley.

You do not have to submit your email address to take any given test and see your score. But if you do choose to create an account, you can archive all of your test scores for later reference. Whether you create an account or not, you can also compare your score to the leaderboard. That way you can see exactly how many people got a score lower than yours. Definitely good for the ego boost, assuming you don’t do as poorly as I did — 73rd percentile my butt! I have a great brain – especially for logic puzzles!

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